Broadlink RM Mini 3 WIFI IR Remote Control For Smart Home

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Broadlink RM Mini 3 mini3 WIFI IR Remote Control For Smart Home Automation by APP For xiaomi phone Apple with Google Home mini


The Broadlink RM Mini3 is an universal remote for you to control infrared appliances through your smartphone.

  • 【Voice Control】Compatible with Alexa and Google Home to voice control your TV, Air Conditioner. casa inteligente
  • 【APP Control】 Control IR appliances with IHC App anywhere anytime ( Turn off the 5G hz wifi if there is one.
  • Please use 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi). Set up timers to turn on/off appliances at a specific time or customize scenes with multiple devices. Turning your basic home devices into smart devices and making life smarter and more convenient.
  • Note:Download the new BroadLink Intelligent Home Center (IHC) App.
  • 【Compatibility】Large IR database that over 98% IR remote function. Supports 50,000+ IR (IR only, no RF, compared with RM PRO) controlled devices, including your TV, DVD, audio, Air Conditioner, satellite, PVR and more o ption to program your devices features if certain cloud data is unavailable.
  • 【Scheduled Feature】Enable and schedule features on a daily basis and customizable for your needs. умный дом homekit
  • 【Tech Support & Warranty】1-year warranty, and 24/7 unlimited technical support and online tutorials are available. smarthome
  • Accept wholsale and dropship.

Factory standard package is with cable, not plug.

you can use your cell phone plug, or buy in our store, so can it send to you together.

– Specification of intelligent mobile smart remote control –

Product Name intelligent mobile smart remote control
Model No. Broadlink RM mini3
Supported OS iOS 7.0/Android 4.0 and above
Input Voltage 5 V DC
Input Current 500 mA
Infrared Frequency 38 k
Infrared Direction Multiple-direction
Temperature Range 0 – 50
Working Humidity ≤80%
Standby Power ≤0.85 W
Wi-Fi Frequency 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Control Your IR Appliances from Anywhere
Alexa voice control
Use Echo with your Broadlink RM Mini3 remote to turn on your television to your favorite channel. For example, say ‘Alexa, turn on the TV’ to power on your TV, or ‘Alexa, change channel to FOX on TV *’ to control channel.
* you need channel setup before using this command
Not rely on appearance
But owing powerful talent
* IFTTT needs environment perception devices, like e-air (A1)
Broadlink RM Mini 3

emperature Control Manager

Further study the relationship between human sleep and body temperature rhythm change, designing healthy sleep function
Follow up sleep habit to set the air conditioning state in the regional time
Full care for your exclusive sleeping temperature

Turn on your air-conditioning, no matter where you are

Support 99% air-conditioning in the market, automatic cloud panel match, one button download app to remote control.
Turn on AC before you get home, enjoy the warm time when you arrivel home domotica

Turn on your air-conditioning, no matter where you are

support 99% air-conditioning in the market, automatic cloud panel match, one button download app to remote control
Turn on air-conditioning before you get home, enjoy warm time when you get home
Pet Caring
Not easy to care for your pet during working time, Cold in winter, hot in summer
Remotely open air conditioning, don’t worry about lovely pet alone at home
Making Romantic
Dating with your girlfriend who being with you for 3 years
At 09:09 ( her birthday time ), you and her past 3 years album played on the TV, She surprised and moved.
Soccer Fun
Always missing the soccer game? Black Bean can help you open the assigned channel which you want, trust of sleep before the game
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1. Does it need to work with a specific gateway/controller?

No. BroadLink products will link to your home Wi-Fi router to work – Users do not need to purchase a specific gateway.

Q2. How to download the IHC APP?

1-Search “ IHC ” on APP Store or Google Play, download and install the IHC app.
2-Scan QR code from package box / user guide or visit // to download and install the app.

Q3. How to protect my device and avoid being searched by others?

Only the person who knows your Wi-Fi password and connect to the same Wi-Fi is able to search the device. You can lock an enhanced security in e-Control APP.

Q4. Can I control BroadLink devices when I am away from home?

Yes. You can control the devices from anywhere at any time from your phone via Internet.

Q5. Will the device settings lost when my phone has no network connection or it is powered off?

No. Once the settings are done, the devices can work independently without the APP running on phone.

Additional information

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number

Broadlink RM Mini 3


All Compatible

Camera Equipped


State of Assembly



Remote Control



Support auto modes


Via internet

2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n

Support system

IOS 7.0/ Android 4.0+

Max. Current



IR Signal with 36K

Input Voltage

5 V DC


12 Meters

Infrared Direction



Smart Home Automation Modules


Broadlink RM Mini3


work with alexa

Google Home mini

work with

Google Assitant

work with



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