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  • up to 6% BORN PRETTY 7ml 9D Laser Cat Magnetic Gel Nail Gel Pink Magnetic Gel Soak Off UV LED Nail Varnish UV Gel Need Pink Nude Base cb5feb1b7314637725a2e7: 8-in-1 Glue Gel|Base Gel|Cat Magnetic Gel|CF01|CF02|CF03|CF04|CF05|CF06|CF07|Clear|CM01-need jelly base|CM02-need jelly base|CM03-need jelly base|CM04-need jelly base|CM05-need jelly base|CM06-need jelly base|CM07-need jelly base|CM08-need jelly base|CS04|CS05|CS06|CS09|Eggshell Gel|Eggshell Glitter Top|FGC01|FGC02|FGC03|FGC04|FGC05|Gold Glitter Top|Jelly Pink Gel|Jelly White Gel|Light Milky|Matte Eggshell Top|Matte Top Coat|Milky White|Nail-Primer|NailPrepDehydrator|Nude Pink|Peel Off Base Gel|pink|RC01|RC02|RC03|RC04|RC05|RC06|RC07|RC08|Reflective Top Coat|Reinforcement Gel|Rose Glitter Top|Sale-A|Sale-B|Sale-C|Sale-D|Sale-E|Sand Glitter Top|SB-01|SB-02|SB-03|SB-04|SB-05|SB-06|SB-07|SB-08|SGE01|SGE02|SGE03|SGE04|SGE05|SGE06|Silver Glitter Top|Soft Nude|Super Top Coat|Transfer Print Gel|Watercolor Nail Gel

    BORN PRETTY Magnetic Gel Nail

    CAD $16.0CAD $19.0

    BORN PRETTY 7ml 9D Laser Cat Magnetic Gel Nail Gel Pink Magnetic Gel Soak Off UV LED Nail Varnish UV Gel Need Pink Nude Base Specification: Brand: BORN PRETTY Type: 9D Cat Magnetic Gel Color: As the picture Quantity: 1 PC Capacity: 7ml Suitable Lamp: UV Lamp or LED Lamp Package Contents: 1 PC9D Cat…

  • up to 27% ROSALIND Glitter Poly Nail Gel Extension 15ml Gel Polish All For Manicure Poly Builder Gel Semi Permanent Soak Off Nail Art cb5feb1b7314637725a2e7: N5329|RE09-01|RE09-02|RE09-03|RE09-04|RE09-05|RE09-06|RE09-07|RE09-08|RE09-09|RE09-10|RE09-11|RE09-21|RE09-22|RE09-23|RE09-24|RE09-25|RE09-26|RE09-31|RE09-32|RE09-33|RE09-A501|RE09-A502|RE09-A503|RE09-A504|RE09-A505|RE09-A506|RE09-A611|RE09-A612|RE09-A613|RE09-A614|RE09-A615|RE09-A616|RE09-A617|RE09-A618|RE09-A619|RE09-A620|RE09-A621|RE09-A622|RE09-A623|RE09-A624|RE09-A625|RE09-A626|RE09-A627|RE09-A628|RE09-A629|RE09-A630|RE09-A631|RE09-A632|RE09-A751|RE09-A752|RE09-A753|RE09-A754|RE09-A755|RE09-A756|RE09-A757|RE09-A758|RE09-A759|RE09-A760|RE09-A761|RE09-A762|RE09-A763|RE09-A764|RE09-A765|RE09-A766

    ROSALIND Glitter Poly Nail Gel Polish

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    ROSALIND 15ml Shiny Poly Nail Gel Colors Quick Builder Extension Glitter Poly Temperature Nail Extension Item Specifications: Brand Name: ROSALIND Name: Glitter Poly nail Gel Volume: 15 ml Color: 12 Colors Used for: Nail Extension Cured: UV/LED Lamp   Step by Step: 1.Use the nail file to shape you nail surface. 2.Apply the base coat….

  • up to 34% Rosalind Poly Nail Gel Art Manicure cb5feb1b7314637725a2e7: 21|22|23|24|25|26|31|32|33|41|42|43|44|45|46|47|A611|A612|A613|A614|A615|A616|A617|A618|A619|A620|A621|A622|A623|A624|A625|A626|A627|A628|A629|A630|A631|A632|A757|A758|A759|A760|A761|A762|A763|A764|A765|A766|Apricot yellow|Clear Color|Coffe Color|Dark Nude Color|Naked pink Color|Nude Color|opal Color|Pearl Pink Color|Pink color|RE06-11|RE06-51|RE06-52|RE06-53|RE06-54|RE06-61|RE06-62|RE06-63|RE06-A501|RE06-A502|RE06-A503|RE06-A504|RE06-A505|RE06-A506|RE06-A751|RE06-A752|RE06-A753|RE06-A754|RE06-A755|RE06-A756|Soft Pink Color

    Rosalind Poly Nail Gel Art Manicure

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    NEW Arrival 30ml Poly nail Gel Finger Extension Crystal Poly nail Gel Nail Gel  UV LED 6 Colors gel lacquer Soak-Off UV Gel Polish 30ml / 1.0fl oz -The Quality is our 1st priority. -Light, almost no smell (only top coat and foundation have moderate smell), we apply only organic texture to protect your health….