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  • up to 26% Gel Nail Polish Purple Color Series 7 ml Nail Tools Nail Gel cb5feb1b7314637725a2e7: 02|03|04|07|10|12|2451|2452|2453|2454|2455|2456|2457|2458|2459|2460|2461|2462|2501|2506|2519|2551|2552|2553|2554|2555|2556|2557|2558|2559|2560|2561|2562|2601|2602|2603|2604|2605|2606|2607|2608|2609|2610|2611|2612|2pcs01|2pcs35|2pcs36|2pcs40|2pcs41|2pcs42|35|42|45|Base|Top

    Gel Nail Polish Purple Color Series 7 ml

    CAD $13.0CAD $17.0

    Item Type: Gel Polish Material: UV Curable Resin Size: 5.5 x 2.1 cm / 2.17 x 0.83 inch Volume: 7 ml Features: Gel Polish, UV Gel Polish, Gel Nail Polish, UV LED Gel Nail Polish, Gel Nail

  • Magnetic Nail Gel Polish For Manicure cb5feb1b7314637725a2e7: A861|A862|A863|A864|A865|A866|A867|A868|RABASE|RATOP|RF-GDETOOL-01|RF-GDETOOL-02|RF-GDETOOL-03|RF-GDETOOL-04|RF-GDETOOL-05|RF-GDETOOL-06|RF802|RFA551|RFA552|RFA553|RFA554|RFA555|RFA556

    Magnetic Nail Gel Polish For Manicure

    CAD $16.0CAD $19.0

    5ml 9D Cat Eye Nail Gel Varnish Hybrid Magnetic For Nail Art Item Specifications: Name: 9D Galaxy Cat Eye Gel Volume: 5 ml Color: 6 Colors Cured: UV/LED Lamp Note: Need Magnet Stick To Get The Effect We are confident that our 9D cat eye nail gel is of the best quality. -The Quality is…

  • up to 31% ROSALIND Glitter Poly Nail Gel Extension 15ml Gel Polish All For Manicure Poly Builder Gel Semi Permanent Soak Off Nail Art cb5feb1b7314637725a2e7: N5329|RE09-01|RE09-02|RE09-03|RE09-04|RE09-05|RE09-06|RE09-07|RE09-08|RE09-09|RE09-10|RE09-11|RE09-21|RE09-22|RE09-23|RE09-24|RE09-25|RE09-26|RE09-31|RE09-32|RE09-33|RE09-A501|RE09-A502|RE09-A503|RE09-A504|RE09-A505|RE09-A506|RE09-A611|RE09-A612|RE09-A613|RE09-A614|RE09-A615|RE09-A616|RE09-A617|RE09-A618|RE09-A619|RE09-A620|RE09-A621|RE09-A622|RE09-A623|RE09-A624|RE09-A625|RE09-A626|RE09-A627|RE09-A628|RE09-A629|RE09-A630|RE09-A631|RE09-A632|RE09-A751|RE09-A752|RE09-A753|RE09-A754|RE09-A755|RE09-A756|RE09-A757|RE09-A758|RE09-A759|RE09-A760|RE09-A761|RE09-A762|RE09-A763|RE09-A764|RE09-A765|RE09-A766

    ROSALIND Glitter Poly Nail Gel Polish

    CAD $14.0CAD $18.0

    ROSALIND 15ml Shiny Poly Nail Gel Colors Quick Builder Extension Glitter Poly Temperature Nail Extension Item Specifications: Brand Name: ROSALIND Name: Glitter Poly nail Gel Volume: 15 ml Color: 12 Colors Used for: Nail Extension Cured: UV/LED Lamp   Step by Step: 1.Use the nail file to shape you nail surface. 2.Apply the base coat….

  • up to 54% Rosalind Poly Nail Gel Art Manicure cb5feb1b7314637725a2e7: 21|22|23|24|25|26|31|32|33|41|42|43|44|45|46|47|A611|A612|A613|A614|A615|A616|A617|A618|A619|A620|A621|A622|A623|A624|A625|A626|A627|A628|A629|A630|A631|A632|A757|A758|A759|A760|A761|A762|A763|A764|A765|A766|Apricot yellow|Clear Color|Coffe Color|Dark Nude Color|Naked pink Color|Nude Color|opal Color|Pearl Pink Color|Pink color|RE06-11|RE06-51|RE06-52|RE06-53|RE06-54|RE06-61|RE06-62|RE06-63|RE06-A501|RE06-A502|RE06-A503|RE06-A504|RE06-A505|RE06-A506|RE06-A751|RE06-A752|RE06-A753|RE06-A754|RE06-A755|RE06-A756|Soft Pink Color

    Rosalind Poly Nail Gel Art Manicure

    CAD $16.0CAD $20.0

    NEW Arrival 30ml Poly nail Gel Finger Extension Crystal Poly nail Gel Nail Gel  UV LED 6 Colors gel lacquer Soak-Off UV Gel Polish 30ml / 1.0fl oz -The Quality is our 1st priority. -Light, almost no smell (only top coat and foundation have moderate smell), we apply only organic texture to protect your health….

  • up to 24% UR SUGAR Reflective Glitter Gel Nail Polish 7.5ml Sparkling Auroras Laser Nail Gel Nail Art Vernish Semi Permanent Top Base Coat cb5feb1b7314637725a2e7: base coat|glitter122|glitter39|glitter42|glitter43|glitter45|glitter49|glitter50|glitter51|glitter52|glitter53|glitter54|glitter55|glitter56|glitter57|glitter58|glitter59|glitter60|glitter61|glitter62|laser silver1|laser silver2|laser silver3|laser silver4|laser silver5|laser silver6|matte top|nail dehydrate|nail primers|Reflective1|Reflective2|Reflective3|Reflective4|Reflective5|Reflective6|Reflective7|Reflective8|top coat|UR-107|UR-109|UR-110|UR-115|UR-116|UR-117|UR-118|UR-119|UR-120|UR-15|UR-34|UR-35|UR-36|UR-37|UR-63|UR-68|UR-69|UR-70|UR-72|UR-74|UR-75|UR-76|UR-89|UR-90|UR-91|UR-92|UR-93|UR01|UR012|UR02|UR03|UR07|UR08|UR09

    UR SUGAR Reflective Glitter Gel Nail Polish

    CAD $14.0CAD $16.0

    Specification: Brand: UR SUGAR Type: Gel Polish Quantity: 1 Bottle Volume: About. 7.5ml Suitable Lamp: UV Lamp or LED Lamp Package Contents: 1 Bottle 7.5ml UR SUGAR Reflective Glitter Color Gel How To Use Our Gel Polish? Step 1. Clean Nails then clip nail surface as normal nail art process. Step 2. Fully shake up…