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Blood Pressure Monitoring Smart Wristband

CAD $25.0 CAD $21.0

Bluetooth 4.0 Multifunctional Fitness Wristband

CAD $29.0CAD $37.0

Distance Monitoring Pedometer Smart Fitness Watches

CAD $33.0

Fashion High Quality Innovative Metallic Smart Ring

CAD $41.0

Laconic Style Waterproof Fitness Wristband

CAD $464.0 CAD $46.0

Magnetic Stainless Steel Smart Wristband

CAD $22.0CAD $25.0

OLED Running Smart Activity Tracker

CAD $22.0CAD $25.0

Professional Lightweight Water-Resistant Smart Wristband

CAD $98.0

Smart Band 1.14” Screen Fitness Tracker

CAD $32.0CAD $43.0

Smart Bracelet with Heart Rate

CAD $41.0CAD $58.0

Smart Fitness Bracelet

CAD $29.0CAD $36.0

Smart Fitness Bracelet Watch

CAD $31.0CAD $42.0

Smart Fitness Tracker Bracelet

CAD $34.0CAD $43.0

Smart Watch With Blood Pressure Measurements

CAD $26.0CAD $35.0

Smart Wristbands Fitness Tracker

CAD $27.0 CAD $20.0

Step Counter Activity Monitor Smart Fitness Tracker

CAD $31.0CAD $39.0

Stylish Quilted Strap Fitness Watches

CAD $51.0 CAD $43.0

Waterproof Multi-function Sports Smart Wristband

CAD $38.0CAD $44.0