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Adjustable Leather Braided Necklace Rope

CAD $9.0

Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant Necklace

CAD $7.0

Choker Necklaces with Circle Shaped Pendants

CAD $6.0CAD $10.0

Classic Minimalist Women’s Chain Necklace

CAD $15.0 CAD $9.0

Double Bar Sautoir Necklace

CAD $14.0 CAD $9.0

Fashion Owl Shaped Women’s Zircon Pendant Necklace

CAD $11.0 CAD $7.0

Fashion Women’s Sequined Choker Necklaces

CAD $6.0CAD $10.0

Gothic Elegant Necklace for Women

CAD $19.0 CAD $9.0

Heart Shaped Studded Chokers

CAD $7.0

Multilayer Pearl Pendant Necklace

CAD $6.0CAD $9.0

Natural Shell Choker Necklaces

CAD $8.0

Natural Stone Beaded Necklace

CAD $6.0CAD $16.0

Retro Pearls Choker for Women

CAD $11.0 CAD $6.0

Round Shaped Space Themed Pendant Necklace

CAD $7.0CAD $8.0

Silver Necklace with Double Pendant

CAD $17.0 CAD $9.0

Trendy Women’s Red/White Pearl Pendant Necklace

CAD $13.0 CAD $9.0

Unisex Colorful Fluorite Quartz Necklace

CAD $9.0CAD $10.0

Women’s Boho Feather Shaped Pendant Necklace

CAD $9.0CAD $10.0

Women’s Choker Necklace with Metal Heart

CAD $9.0 CAD $7.0

Women’s Choker with Stars

CAD $14.0 CAD $9.0

Women’s Crystal Elegant Necklace

CAD $6.0CAD $9.0

Women’s Cute Silver Star Necklace

CAD $11.0 CAD $8.0

Women’s Double Choker Necklaces

CAD $11.0 CAD $7.0

Women’s Dream Catcher Design Necklace

CAD $9.0 CAD $7.0

Women’s Exquisite Vintage Choker

CAD $8.0 CAD $7.0

Women’s Geometric Pendant Necklace

CAD $17.0

Women’s Gold Pendant Necklace

CAD $17.0 CAD $10.0

Women’s Good Karma Lotus Necklace

CAD $25.0 CAD $22.0

Women’s Heart and Letter Shaped Pendant Necklace

CAD $9.0 CAD $7.0

Women’s Heart Shaped Crystal Pendant Necklace

CAD $56.0CAD $58.0

Women’s Letter Pendant Necklace

CAD $9.0 CAD $7.0

Women’s Long Pendant Necklaces

CAD $9.0CAD $10.0

Women’s Stylish Geometric Necklace

CAD $12.0 CAD $9.0

Women’s Stylish V-shaped Choker

CAD $9.0

Women’s Tree Of Life Crystal Round Pendant Necklace

CAD $13.0 CAD $8.0

Women’s Vintage Necklace with Bird

CAD $11.0 CAD $8.0

Women’s Elegant Pearl Pendant Necklace

CAD $6.0CAD $9.0