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Baby Girl Soft Soled Suede Leather Booties

CAD $13.0CAD $14.0

Baby Girl’s Fluffy Animal Shaped Slippers

CAD $12.0

Baby Soft Nubuck Leather Soft Shoes

CAD $10.0CAD $14.0

Baby’s Anti-Slip First Walkers

CAD $16.0 CAD $13.0

Baby’s Cute Plain Laced-Up Shoes

CAD $14.0CAD $16.0

Canvas Sneakers for Boy and Girl

CAD $23.0CAD $36.0

Children’s Fashion Shoes for Girls

CAD $28.0CAD $37.0

Cute Casual Canvas Baby Girl’s Sneakers

CAD $16.0 CAD $14.0

Cute Warm Bear Baby First Walkers

CAD $18.0 CAD $14.0

Fashion Casual Warm Suede Baby Boots

CAD $16.0 CAD $13.0

Fashion Comfortable Leather Baby Girl’s Shoes with Bow

CAD $11.0CAD $12.0

Fashion Striped Infant’s First Walkers Shoes

CAD $15.0CAD $16.0

Fashion Winter Wool Leather Baby Boots

CAD $13.0CAD $18.0

Girls’ Cute Floral Cotton Sneakers

CAD $12.0CAD $14.0

Kid’s Breathable Casual Sneakers

CAD $18.0CAD $27.0

Lace-Up First Walkers for Girls

CAD $12.0CAD $14.0

Lovely Soft Anti-Slip Girl’s Crib Shoes

CAD $8.0CAD $9.0

Lovely Soft Cotton Baby Girl’s First Walkers

CAD $18.0

Pretty Baby Girl’s Bow-Knot Sandals

CAD $15.0 CAD $13.0

Soft Baby’s Striped Cotton Moccasins

CAD $11.0CAD $12.0

Soft Lace-up First Walkers for Newborn

CAD $18.0

Stylish Girl’s Striped Ribbon Prewalkers

CAD $10.0CAD $12.0

Winter First Walkers for Babies

CAD $10.0CAD $12.0